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Problem Statement - constructor characterstics

Write two characteristics of a constructor.


TC++ #4057

Constructor Characteristics:
1) Constructor name is always same as the class name.
2) Constructor does not return any data value, not even the void  data.



  • Some other characteristics are as follows –
    • Constructors are called automatically, when the instance of class (object) is created.
    • Constructors can be called only once, while the methods can be called any number of times.
    • Constructors can have arguments (parameterized) or may not have arguments (non-parameterized).
    • Constructors can have access modifiers like private, public, protected etc.
    • Constructors can be overloaded like other methods.
    • Constructors cannot be abstract, final, native, static, or synchronized.
    • Constructor do not return a data value, but they can return class instance.


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