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Problem Statement - Square or cube based on even check selection

Write a program which collects an integer number from the user and if the number is even it prints the square of the number else it prints its cube.


TC++ #3122

int main()
int n;
cout<<"Enter an integer numbers :";
if(n%2==0) cout<<"Square of "< else cout<<"Cube of "< getch();
return 0 ;

Test it !

Run Output

Enter an integer numbers :45
Cube of 45 = 91125

Enter an integer numbers :24
Square of 24 = 576

int n; cout<<“Enter an integer numbers :”; cin>>n;
Number is collected from the user in the integer variable n.

if(n%2==0) cout<<“Square of “<<n<<” = “<<n*n<<endl;
n%2==0 tests divisibility by using modulus operator % and checking the remainder. If divisible means number is even so squaring is done by n*n.

else cout<<“Cube of “<<n<<” = “<<n*n*n<<endl;
If it is not even then as per need of the program we shall make its cube using n*n*n.


  • This program can be given for any power. So we can make a generic call using the pow(base,power) function by using the math.h library


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