CPP All : Tokens, Keyword and Identifiers
Concept Notes and Resources

Tokens in C++ #1597

Various tokens or basic building blocks defined in c++ are explained here.

Keywords in C++ #1599

Concept of keywords in a language and keywords as per c++11 standard are explained here.

Identifiers in C++ #1601

Identifiers can be names given by the user/programmer or names other than keywords in the library files.

Examples of valid indentifiers #1780

Some rules related to C++ identifiers are as follows: Can be arbitrarily long alpha numeric (letters and numbers) sequence. The first character must be a letter. As an exception _ (underscore) is considered as a letter. Upper and lower case letters considered different All characters in the name are considered significant. C++ Keywords can not […]

Concept Learning Code Sheets

Using some popular escape sequence characters. #2288

Using some escape sequences in c++ for common tasks.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
cout<<"Taj Mahal is in Indian";
cout<<"Marks in Computerst95"<<endl;
cout<<"How are you?"<<endl;
cout<<"\ is a special character"<<endl;
cout<<"This is "string literal""<<endl;
cout<<"'C' is father of "C++""<<endl;
cout<<"\101 is octal representation of "<<'101'<<endl;
cout<<"\x41 is hexadecimal representation of "<<'x41'<<endl;
cout<<"Null character is written as \0"<<endl;
return 0;
Solved Problems

Finding Identifiers and Literals #1778

Write down identifiers and literals in the code given here.

Checking for valid Identifiers #1782

Find the valid and invalid identifiers in the following piece of code segment

Print formatting using \t and \n escape sequences #2303

Write the following text using the cout chainĀ using t and n escape sequences

Finding Errors – Escape Sequences #3164

There are some errors in the following code due which the expected output as


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