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CPP All : Simple User Input
Concept Learning Code Sheets

Simple user input in integer form #1712

Learning the ways to take simple user input in integer form.

Multiple integer inputs without extraction chaining #1715

Taking more than one integer input without chaining of io extraction operator >>

Multiple integer entries with extraction operator chaining #1717

Way to enter multiple integer entries in one go using extraction operator chaining

Input of different data types using cin #1719

Learning to input different data types using the standard console in object.

Trying to input a string using cin #1721

Learning the behaviour of cin on c-style string (null terminated character arrays).

Anomaly of successive use of cin for char arrays #1726

Successive use of cin will pose some difficulty when used with char arrays or c-style strings.

Input as char data and outputting as int data. #2310

A character data can be outputted as int data by typecasting.

Solved Problems

Converting input char to int and print ascii #2307

Write a c++ program to collect a single character from the user and print asc

Finding input variables errors #3190

Find error in the following program and suggest corrections. Assume that incl

Output writing implicit typecasting #3208

Write output of the following program if the input given is R


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