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CPP All : Building Expressions and Formulas
Concept Learning Code Sheets

Building speed formula for different units of measurement #1822

Formula building can be done for different units using different divisors.

Formulas with powers and roots #1824

Creating formulas that contain powers and square root.

Simple interest and amount formulation #1826

Calculating simple interest and amount by using typical formulas.

Finding area and circumference of a circle #1828

Area and circumference of circle with use of constant value of PI

Swapping two variables using temporary third variable. #2493

Swapping of value between two integer variables using the intermediate third variable.

Swapping two variables without using third variable. #2497

Swapping of value between two integer variables without using the intermediate third variable.

Area of Triangle using base and height #1787

Finding the area of a triangle when base and height is given

Simple expression forming #1820

Forming expressions with simple variables.

Solved Problems

Average of three integer numbers, double output #2331

Find average of three integer numbers given by the user. The output can have

Finding Errors #2997

Find errors in the following program and write the program with correct synt

multiples of an integer #3070

Write a program to display 2nd, 4th and 6th multiple of the input integer num

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