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CPP All : Simple Real World Problems
Concept Learning Code Sheets

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion #1843

Temperature conversion from degree Celsius to degree Fahrenheit using standard formula

Temperature conversion c2f and f2c #1845

Converting given temperature assuming if it is in Celsius as Fahrenheit and if is in Fahrenheit as Celsius

Salary Calculation #1847

A real world application of financial calculation with an example of salary calculations

Finding bricks required to build a wall #1849

Bricks required to build a wall with an assumption of walls made with bricks only.

Finding the paint quantity for door painting #1851

Based on the spread of the paint, exact paint quantity can be computed for a given door size.

Solved Problems

gallons to cubic centimeters unit conversion #3066

Convert given user input in gallons to cubic centimeter.  fter conversion u

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