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CPP All : Functions (Built-in)
Concept Notes and Resources
Concept Learning Code Sheets

Math functions – sqrt/ pow/ log/ log10 #2127

See the working of some common math functions like sqrt, pow, log and log10

Basic Trigonometric functions #2130

Using trigonometric functions like sin, cos and tan etc. in c++

Maths – Rounding and related Functions #2135

Rounding and related functions like ceil, floor, round, rint, trunc etc. in c++

Absolute value functions abs() fabs() #2137

Using absolute value functions like fabs() and abs().

fmod( ) – Modulus function for fractions #2143

Using the specially created modulus function fmod() for fractions like float and double data type.

modf() – Function to separate integer and fraction part #2145

Using the modf() function to separate the integer and fraction part of fractional value.

Uppercase/lowercase and vice-versa conversion of alphabets #2147

Using toupper() and tolower() function for character level conversion in its ascii integer form.

Check character group as alpha, digit, control, punctuation, lower, upper etc. #2150

Check for character grouping in the ascii 7 bit range of control character, digit, punctuation, alphabet, alphanumeric, lowercase, uppercase, printable, graphical, white space etc.

getchar() putchar() : C-Style character level console I/O functions #2155

The functions which are frequently used in C, getchar() and putchar() provide a feature of character level console input and output facility.

get() put() functions of stream I/O #2160

Using get() and put functions of I/O stream methods like cin and cout.

getline() and write() functions of stream I/O #2175

Use of functions getline() and write of cin and cout steam I/O objects.

Solved Problems

Print next alphabet if possible #2157

Write a c++ program to collect an alphabet from the user and then print the n

Count punctuation in user given text stream (using get) #2167

Write a program to find punctuation in the user given text data. Use the func

Count punctuation in user given text stream (using getline) #2173

Write a program to find punctuation in the user given text data. Use the func

Output Writing – isupper(), islower, isalpha() #2677

Write output of the following program.

Sum of integer array #3088

Write a program to collect 5 integer values from user in an integer array an

Marking header files #4445

Mark the name of required C++ header files for each of the following function

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