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CPP All : Structures Basics
Concept Learning Code Sheets

Structures demo program with int and char array #2767

A program using structure with two different type of variables int and char[] grouped in one structure.

Creating global instances or objects of structures #2777

A technique to create instances of a structure which can be used by many functions,

Initialising structure variables while creating instances #2795

A demonstration of initialisation of values of variables while creating the instances of the structures.

Effect of partial or no intialisation of structure instance variables #2799

Understanding default values in case of partial or no initialisation of structure instances.

Structure instance creation using pointer based notation #2911

A system of creating structure instances using pointer based notation or the method indicating the address location of the structure.

Structure instance copying #2916

Copying one instance of structure to another for the instances derived from the same structure definition

Case where structure instance copy is not allowed #2920

A program to explain the case where instance copying is not permitted.

Nesting of strucutres #2924

A program to demonstrate nested structures with one structure called within another structure.

Nested Structures Initialisation #2934

Program to demonstrate the initialisation process of nested structures.

Preparing Array of Structures #2938

Program to demonstrate how an array of structures is prepared to get entry of multiple similar type of data entries.

Solved Problems

Collect student details to structure and update selectively #2781

Write a program to collect follow entry about an student in a structure type

Nested Structure Initialisation #2928

Write the output of the following program.

Finding errors in structure declaration #2961

Find the errors in the following structure declaration.

struct Computer 

Output writing using strcpy for structure string variables #2964

Write the output of the following program.

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