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CPP All : Structures passing/returning
Concept Learning Code Sheets

Passing Structure variables to a function #2955

Demonstration of how structure variables can be passed to function as pass-by-value or as pass-by-reference method

Passing structure to a function pass-by-value #2969

A program to demonstrate passing of structure to a function using pass by value method,

Structure passed as a reference #2979

A program to demonstrate how an structure is passed as a reference argument to a function.

Solved Problems

Slope of line -using structure Point passed to a function #2973

Write a program by declaring a structure Point with two integer values for i

Output Writing Structure pass by value/reference #2984

Write the output of the following program depicting structure instances being

Output Writing – Pixel structure passed by reference #2987

Write down the output of the program and give steps in arriving at such outpu

Code Sheets:3  Solved Problems:3