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Java : Quick Search
ID Type Title Keywords
7444EQ 09A-2014
7439EQ 08A-2014
7431EQ 07A-2014
7428EQ 06A-2014
7425EQ 05A-2014
7423EQ 04A-2014
7420EQ 03J-2014
7417EQ 03I-2014
7414EQ 03H-2014
7411EQ 03G-2014
7406EQ 03F-2017
7403EQ 03E-2014
7400EQ 03D-2014
7397EQ 03C-2014
7393EQ 03B-2014
7375EQ 09A-2015
7371EQ 08A-2015
7368EQ 07A-2015
7365EQ 06A-2015
7362EQ 05A-2015
7360EQ 04A-2015
7334EQ 09A-2016
7329EQ 08A-2016
7325EQ 07A-2017
7321EQ 06A-2016
7319EQ 05A-2016
7316EQ 04-2016
7266EQ 09A-2017
7264EQ 08A-2017
7262EQ 07A-2017
7260EQ 06A-2017
7256EQ 05A-2017
7253EQ 04A
7251EQ 03J-2017
7248EQ 03I-2018
7246EQ 03H-2017
7244EQ 03G-2017
7241EQ 03F-2017
7239EQ 03E-2017
7237EQ 03D-2017
7235EQ 03C
7233EQ 03B-2017
7231EQ 03A-2017
7229EQ 02E-2017
7226EQ 02D-2017
7223EQ 02C-2017
7221EQ 02B-2017
7219EQ 02A-2017
7198EQ B09-2018
7196EQ B08-2018
7194EQ B07-2018
7192EQ B06-2018
7190EQ B05-2018
7188EQ 04
7169EQ 01C-2018
7166EQ 01B-2018
7161EQ 01A-2018
4281EQ Expression evaluation based on precedence"operator precedence"
4279EQ Writing Java Expression"java expression forming"
4275EQ do loop based output writing"do-while loop"
4267EQ package identification for methods"package for Scanner","Package for BufferedReader"
4261EQ printing reference to an object"printing an object reference"
4256EQ isLetterOrDigit() replace() function"replace method","isLetterOrDigit method"
4254EQ increment decrement expression evaluation"expresssion building"
4252EQ for loop output and execution count"for loop analysis","loop execution count"
4250EQ primitive versus composite data types"primitive data type","Composite data type"
4246EQ while to for conversion"while to for conversion"
4244EQ if-else to ternary operator
4242EQ Writing expression
4240EQ parameterized constructor"parameterized constructor","parmeterised constructor"
4237EQ ceil abs"ceil","abs"
4235EQ indexOf lastIndexOf compareTo"indexOf",lastIndexOf","compareTo"
4230EQ access specifiers"public","private","protected","access specifier","access modifier"
4227EQ function prototype/declaration"function prototype","function declaration"
4225EQ actual and formal parameters"formal parameters","actual parameters"
4223EQ casting types identification"implicit casting","explicit casting"
4220EQ difference between == and equals()"== operator","equals() method"
4218EQ integer array length and member addition"integer array","array index counting"
4216EQ error types"NaN","square root of negative number","sqrt method"
4214EQ Packages"packages in java"
4212EQ Keywords"keywords","reserved words"
4210EQ encapsulation"encapsulation","access control","grouping data and code together",
4108EQ string array basics"String array index reference","String array member length"
4104EQ division versus modulus operator"operators","division operator","Modulus operator","Division versus modulus","division modulus comparison"
4102EQ data type size"operators","ternary","Condition check","less than operator","Relational Operator","&& operator","Comparison Operator","logical operator"
4100EQ operator identification"operators","ternary","Condition check","less than operator","Relational Operator","&& operator","Comparison Operator","logical operator"
4098EQ understanding Inheritance"inheritance","parent class","super class","child class","sub class"
4071EQ for loop output"for loop execution count"
4069EQ if-else to ternary conversion"if else to ternary conversion"
4065EQ array.length() and substring()"array length","substring"
4063EQ replace() compareTo()"replace function of string","compareTo function of string"
4061EQ if-else-if to switch-case"if-else to switch-case conversion"
4059EQ println with \n"using new line character"
4057EQ constructor characterstics"characteristics of constructor",""properties of constructor"
4055EQ Math functions output"Math.floor",Math.ceil","Math.pow"
4053EQ expression evaluation based on precedence"composite assignment precedence"
4050EQ writing return data types endsWith() log()"Math.sqrt"
4048EQ writing return data types endsWith() log()"endsWith","log"
4046EQ function writing"print println"
4044EQ print and println"print println"
4042EQ while do-while comparison"while do-while comparison"
4035EQ ascii value of character"implicit conversion"
4032EQ primititve non-primitive identification"private public comparison"
4030EQ private public difference"private public comparison"
4019EQ isUpperCase() toUpperCase() comparison"isUpperCase toUpperCase Comparison"
4015EQ Search And Sort"Search and Sort Comparison"
3984EQ Identifying functions by description
3982EQ Access Specifiers
3980EQ Use of substring, toUpperCase and equalsIgnoreCase()
3978EQ Try Catch Understanding
3970EQ Return data type of isLetter
3968EQ Swapping without third variable
3966EQ Types of Constructor
3964EQ Using Math.pow and indexOf
3962EQ Primitive Data Type Sizes
3959EQ Ternary Operator Evaluation Problem
3936EQ Wrapper Class Names
3932EQ Literal Identification
3930EQ Identifiers
3928EQ OOP’s principles
3926EQ Default Values
3922EQ Constructor
3920EQ Infinite Loop
3918EQ Difference Between Switch and If-Else
3915EQ Statement Types
3911EQ Precedence of Operator
3909EQ Integer array – Code error Finding
3907EQ Packages
3905EQ Comments
3903EQ Difference between float and double literal
3901EQ Identifying Data Types
3887EQ Identifying Composite Data Types
3880SP Float f suffix Viva-question
3875SP Data default values Viva-question
3873SP Data type selection
3871CLCS Resolving Class and Local Variable Name Clash"resuse of variable names","Variable name conflict resolution"
3867CLCS Variable Default Values"default values of variables","default value of class variables"
3865CLCS Variable Kinds – Local, Class and Instance Variables"variable kinds","kinds of variables","local variable","instance variable","class variable"
3862CLCS Variable Declaration and Initialisation"variable declaration","variable initialization","initial value of variable","Dynamic initialization"
3859CLCS Understanding Reference data type"class object reference","array name as reference data type"
3857SP Output writing for Data Type Size
3852SP Output writing based on summation of different data types.
3850CLCS Understanding boolean data type"boolean data type assignment","Boolean data type declaration","boolean data type initialisation"
3848CLCS Understanding char data type
3846CLCS Understanding byte, short, int and long types"byte data type maximum value","byte data type minimum value","short data type minimum value","short data type maximum value","int data type minimum value","int data type maximum value","long data type minimum value","long data type maximum value",
3840CLCS Understanding double and float data type"Double data maximum value","float data maximum value","float data size","double data size",
3828SP Marking Literals and Its Type in a program"Literals Marking"
3825SP Marking Identifiers in a program"Identifier marking","Programmer defined Identifiers","Java Library defined Identifiers"
3822CLCS Boolean Literals"Boolean true","Boolean false"
3818CLCS String Literals"String literal","unicode character in string literals","Escape sequence in string literals"
3814CLCS Null Literal"null Literal","nullifying references","nullifying array reference","nullifying object reference"
3808CLCS Character literals"Character Literal","single quote form","int form to character","integer to character"
3804CLCS Decimal literals float, double"Decimal Literal","exponent notation","hexadecimal form of fractions","float literal","double literal","Real constants","Real Literals",
3801CLCS Integer literals decimal, octal, hexadecimal, binary"Integer Literal","Decimal Literal","Binary literal","Hexadecimal Literal","Octal Literal"
3798CLCS Identifier Choices"Identifiers in Java","Java Identifiers","Underscore in identifier",'$ in identifier","dollar sign"
3795CLCS Understanding Tokens"Java Tokens","Token identification"
3791CLCS “Good to see you” Introductory object based modular program"Java object creation intro","main method in java"
3787CLCS Auto conversion, Widening Type Promotion or Implicit Casting"Typecasting","Type promotion","Widening of types","Implicit casting","Casting","Widening Primitive Conversion"
3784CLCS Hypotenuse calculation using formulas with power and square root"using pow method","pow method","power function","square root function","Square root method","sqrt method","Hypotenuse of right angle triangle","Right angle triangle"
3780CLCS Swapping two variables without using third variable."swap without using third variable","swap integers","interchanging values","interchanging data","swap data values"
3777CLCS Swapping two variables using temporary third variable."swap using third variable","swap integers","interchanging values","interchanging data","swap data values"
3773CLCS Expression building for Unit conversion"Expression for unit conversion","Making unit conversion formulas","Reuse of variables"
3770CLCS Blocks in Java"Block scope","Block declaration"
3755CLCS Java Statement Types"Statement types","Expression statement"
3746CLCS Pure and mixed expressions"Pure expression","Mixed expression","same operand type","Mixed operand type"
3744CLCS Simple expression forming"Expression building","Precedence"
3740CLCS Operator precedence with comparison and logical operators"comparison operator precedence","relational operator precedence","conditional operator precedence","Logical operator precedence"
3738CLCS Operator precedence with brackets"operators precedence with brackets","Brackets in precedence","round brackets"
3735CLCS Operator precedence in arithmetic and unary expressions"arithmetic operators precedence","unary operators precedence"
3730SP Statement Identification"Expression statements","Flow control statements","Statement as Instructions","Statement as sentences"
3728SP Expression evaluation problem"Expression computation"
3726SP Time and Distance – Train catching problem"Time and distance","Speed problems"
3723SP Simple Interest
3720SP Diameter of a cylindrical pencil"Circumference","Diameter of a cylinder","Java String Format","Java Decimal Fomat","Decimal Number Truncation"
3718CLCS Circle Area"Area of Circle","Circle's area","Use of final keyword","Final keyword","value of PI"
3716SP Average of three integers to float output"Integer addition average as float","use of denominator float to avoid integer division"
3713SP Expression equivalent to math formula
3704SP Conditional Operator Output Value Proving
3702CLCS Conditional Ternary Operators"three operands","Ternary operation","ternary condition check"
3698CLCS Conditional or Logical Operators AND, OR"logical and","&&","||","logical or","conditional or","conditional and","short circuiting"
3692CLCS Unary Operator plus, minus and inversion"unary plus","unary operations","unary minus","Unary inversion","Boolean inversion"
3682SP Relational operators based Output Writing
3676CLCS Relational operators usage for data comparison"Relational comparison","Less than","Less than equal to","Greater than","Greater than equal to","Equal to","Not equal to","Unequal"
3672SP Assignment operators based Output Writing
3669SP Arithmetic operator with different data types Output Writing
3666SP Increment, Decrement operator Output Writing
3663CLCS Unary Operator Post and Pre Operations"increment decrement","unary operations","Single operand operators","Postfix and prefix operators"
3661CLCS Simple Assignment and Compound Assignments"Simple Assignment","Compound Operators","Compound assignment","Composite Operator","Assignment chain"
3657CLCS Arithmetic Operators"Addition operator","Subtraction operator","Multiplication operator","Division Operator","Modulus Operator","Mod Operator"
3549SP Count isLetter set in the ASCII code set
3531CLCS Character isMethods isDigit isLetter isLetterOrDigit isLowerCase isUpperCase isWhitespace"ismethods"
3526CLCS Character Boxing (Converting to object of Character Class)"Char type boxing","Char object using new","Character object using constructor"
3522CLCS Character and Integer Inter-conversion by implicit and explicit type casting"Char and integer equivalence","Java char stored as number","Implicit typecasting","Explicit type casting","Converting implicitly","Converting explicity"
3520CLCS Character Storage as a Number"Char and integer equivalence","Java char stored as number"
3512CLCS Printing Ascii Codes as Characters Alphabets & Digits"ASCII codes","Uppercase ASCII codes","Lowercase ASCII codes","Numerals ASCII Codes","Digits ASCII codes"
3508CLCS String object made from array of bytes"Byte array to string object","part of byte array to string"
3505CLCS String as char array and conversion of its part to String object"Passing char array while string constructor creation","String constructor creation with part of character array","String initialization with char array part","String Initialization with constructor argument with portion of char array"
3407CLCS String as char array and conversion to String object"Passing char array while string constructor creation","String constructor creation","String initialization with char array","String Initialization with constructor argument"
3405CLCS String declared and initialised using constructor"Constructor based String declaration","String using string constructor","String initialization","String Initialization with constructor arguments"
3354CLCS String declaration, initialisation, addition, copying"String addition","String assignment","String concatenation","String declaration","String Initialisation"
1383CLCS Initials and Surname
575CLCS Variable Scope
573CLCS Average of two double numbers
571CLCS Product and Division of two numbers
569CLCS Sum and Difference of two numbers
567CLCS Triangle Area
565CLCS Getting size of Primitive data types
563CLCS Declaration and initialization of variables
559CLCS Volume of Cuboid"variable declaration","Variable initialisation","variable initialization","Building simple expressions"
557CLCS Sum of Inputs
553CLCS Hello World with Comments
551CLCS Hello World 2
535CLCS Hello World 1
1353CLCS Hello World