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CPP : Quick Search
ID Type Title Keywords
4676CLCS Child class reading parent class methods"Inheritance","Simple Inheritance Example","Inheritance basics in c++","Accessing methods of a parent class by a child class","Accessing functions of a parent class by a child class"
4673CLCS Child class reading parent class data member"Inheritance","Simple Inheritance Example","Inheritance basics in c++","Accessing data member of a parent class by c child class"
4650CLCS Dynamic Polymorphism (Runtime Polymorphism)"runtime polymorphism","Dynamic polymorphism","Virtual function",
4646CLCS Function having many forms"function overloading", "overloading of functions","adhoc polymorphism","polymorphism of functions"
4643CLCS Operator having many forms"operator overloading", "overloading of operators","adhoc polymorphism","polymorphism on operators"
4587CLCS #define Macros Nesting"#define directive","define macros nesting","#define expression as part of another expression"
4585CLCS #define directive as Macros Expressions"#define directive","define macros","#define macros","#define for expressions"
4580CLCS #define directive – Preprocessor for Names to constant replacement"#define directive","symbol to constant,"#define","hash define","define preprocessor"
4572CLCS #include directive – Preprocessor for header inclusion"#include directive","inclusion type pre-processor","Preprocessor directives"
4567CLCS Finding size of enumerated data type"Enumeration","Size of Enumerated Data Type","length of enum","Length of enumerated data type"
4565CLCS Enumerated data type with given set of values"Enumeration","Enumerated Data Type","Enumeration with user given values","Enumeration values with switch case"
4554CLCS Simple use of enumerated data type"Enumeration","Enumerated Data Type","Enumeration simple example"
4506CLCS typedef for arrays"typedef","typedef for array along with array size"
4503CLCS typedef of a previously defined typedef"typedef","primitive name to friendly name","Second level of typdef","Type definition of a type definition"
4487CLCS Same data types and count but signature different"Function Overloading","Same parameter types but different signature","function signature"
4485CLCS Same function name but different purpose"Function Overloading","Same name but different purpose"
4483SP Function overloading – Inch to centimeter conversion"Function Overloading","Overloading for handling different type of data input"
4481CLCS Function overloading for different number of parameters"Function Overloading","Overloading for handling different number of inputs","Overloading for handling variation in count of inputs",
4479CLCS Function overloading for handling different data types"Function Overloading","Overloading for handling data types"
4447SP Error finding in function and related code
4445SP Marking header files
4431SP Token Identification
4341CLCS Use of typedef – 1"typedef","primitive name to friendly name"
4326CLCS using setprecision without fixed or scientific format."setprecision","persistence of setprecision"
4321SP problem based on setw, setf and unsetf"setf", "setf persistence","iosflag","left align","right align"
4318CLCS setf method for left and right alignment in a display field"setf", "setf persistence","iosflag","left align","right align"
4312CLCS Testing setw() for persistence of its effect"setw", "setw persistence"
4310CLCS Use of setw() manipulator"setw","setw for text","setw for numbers"
3589CLCS Modulus operator for integers"Mod operator","% operator","remainder operator","Finding Remainder"
3581SP Check if number is a palindrome without using modulus operatorCP018,"number, palindrome",Palindrom number","Number reversal","Same number when reversed"
3249CLCS Output writing – If-else ambiguitiesCP009,"If selection ambiguities","Assignment within if selection"
3243SP Frequency of a given character in a sentenceCP019,"count of any character in the string", "Frequency of character","How many times an alphabet occurs","Character occurance","Alphabet Occurance"
3221SP Suggesting Error Corrections in Natural Number AdditionCP012,"Error in Loops","Initialisation requirement of variables","Extra increments in for loop"
3218CLCS Find prime factors of a numberCP018,"Prime Factors","Unique factors which are prime","Factors of a number"
3215SP Output Writing – Logical OperatorsCP005,"Logical Operators","Boolean to Integer implicit conversion"
3208SP Output writing implicit typecastingCP006,"Implicit Conversion"
3190SP Finding input variables errorsCP006,"Error finding in input"."Logic interpretation error"
3176CLCS Checking for buzz numberCP018,"Buzz number finding","Buzz check"
3173CLCS Pascal’s Triangle PrintingCP017,"Pascal Triangle of Numbers"
3164SP Finding Errors – Escape SequencesCP003,"use of double quote in string literal","use of double slash in string literal"
3159SP Finding errors – Programming basicsCP002,"io extraction operator"
3128CLCS Printing a damru/dumbbell patternCP017,"Dumb bell of stars","Damru of stars","Pattern of Damru","Pattern of Dumb bell"
3124CLCS Printing a diamond patternCP017,"Diamond of stars","Brick of stars","Pattern of diamond"
3122SP Square or cube based on even check selectionCP009,"Simple if-else","Test for divisibility","Mod operator","Modulus operator","Odd even check"
3116CLCS Downward Hollow Triangle with given base size and left offsetCP017,"Downward Hollow Pyramid","Downward Pyramid"
3111CLCS Upright Hollow Triangle with given base sizeCP017,"Upright Hollow Pyramid","Upright Pyramid"
3106CLCS copying filtered array content to another array by maintaining countCp024,"Filter data array","data selection from an array","Array filter","Array selection","Filter data to an array","array of filtered data with count"
3102CLCS copying filtered array content to another arrayCp024,"Filter data array","data selection from an array","Array filter","Array selection","Filter data to an array","array of filtered data
3098SP Average value of array and members more than averageCP024,"Average of array","Finding more than average in an array","Filter array based on more than average","mean value of array","Filter for more than mean in array"
3095CLCS printing filtered array contentCp024,"Filter data from array","data selection from an array","Array filter","Array selection"
3091CLCS Copying an Integer ArrayCP024,"Array copying","Making second copy of integer array","numbers array copy","Member to member array copy"
3088SP Sum of integer arrayCP024,"Linear array sum","Sum of integer array terms","integer array sum"
3086SP function to reverse an integerCP022,"Number reversal","reversing an integer","reversing number"
3082SP Test palindrome for an integer numberCP022,"Number palindrome","Palindrome Number","Integer palindrome","Palindrome","Same number after reversal","Check Palindrome Number"
3073SP Reversing each word in a sentenceCP019,"reversing each word","Words reversal","Words in reversed order"
3070SP multiples of an integerCP007,"Multiple of a number","Integer Multiples"
3066SP gallons to cubic centimeters unit conversionCP008,"gallons ot cubic centimeters","gallons to cc","Unit conversion","Use of double data type"
3060SP Displaying long cout chainsCP002,"cout chain","endl in cout chain"
3052CLCS palindrome check on string object using the reverse function in algorithm libCP020,"reverse() function for palindrome","algorithm header file","compare() function for string object.
3049CLCS reversing a string object using the reverse function in algorithm libCP020,"reverse() function","algorithm header file"
3045CLCS accessing a character of object of string classCP020,"at() function of string class","Accessing string class character"
3031CLCS Use of clear() and empty() methods of string class objectCP020,"Clearing string objects","Checking for empty string objects"
3028CLCS Copy and Addition (Concatenation) of string class based stringsCP020,"String addition","String object copying","String object addition","String object concatenation"
3023CLCS User input to string class based stringsCP020,"Input to string","String class input using getline","Using cin for string objects"
3018SP First and last digit of an integer in a function and putting at reference locationCP023,"First and last digit of an integer","last and first digit of a number","Passing integer as reference"
3009CLCS Finding string class string length .length() .size() .c_str() methodsCP020,"number of characters in a string","string size","string length","Conversion of string class to c style string","String to null terminated string"
3006CLCS Strings with string class declaration, initialisation and assignmentCP020,"C++ string header","String class","string class based declaration",String instance initialisation","String class based initialization","Function style string initialisation","Function style string initialization"
3001SP For to while conversion"For loop to while loop conversion"
2997SP Finding Errors
2994SP Error checking switch-case (char-int check)"Implicit conversion char to int","use of implicit conversion in switch-case"
2990SP Function overloading for area functions"Polymorphic functions", "Overloaded Functions"
2987SP Output Writing – Pixel structure passed by reference
2984SP Output Writing Structure pass by value/reference"Structures passed as reference","Structures passed as value"
2979CLCS Structure passed as a reference"Passing Structure by Reference","Referencing Structures in a function","structure referencing"
2973SP Slope of line -using structure Point passed to a function"Slope of straight line","Passing structure to a function","Structure as argument values"
2969CLCS Passing structure to a function pass-by-value"Passing structure as value","Call by value for structures","Function called with structures in parameter","structures as function arguments"
2964SP Output writing using strcpy for structure string variables"Shortening of string","Null termination placement"
2961SP Finding errors in structure declaration"Structure declaration
2955CLCS Passing Structure variables to a function"Structure variable to function","Pass structure variables","pass by value","pass by reference"
2951SP Function to return largest of three numbers along with all same check"Function for largest of three","Greatest of three","Biggest of three"
2946SP Largest of three numbers using if else ladder"Greatest of three","Biggest of three","Largest of Three","largest using if else","Greatest using if else"
2943CLCS Largest of three numbers using nested ternary operator"Largest of three","biggest of three numbers","Greatest of three numbers","Greatest using ternary","Largest using ternary","Biggest using ternary"
2938CLCS Preparing Array of Structures"Structures Array","Database creation using structures"
2934CLCS Nested Structures Initialisation"Nested Structure Initilization","Initialize structure",
2928SP Nested Structure Initialisation"Nested Structure Initialization","Structure Initialization"
2924CLCS Nesting of strucutres"Structure within structure","Nested Structures"
2920CLCS Case where structure instance copy is not allowed"Structure copying from different definitions","Structure instance copying"
2916CLCS Structure instance copying"Structure copying","Structure instance to instance copy","Structure object copying","Object to object assignment","Instance to instance assignment"
2911CLCS Structure instance creation using pointer based notation"Structure Instance","Structure Object","Structure pointer notation","Pointer Instance","Structure Pointer"
2907CLCS Check if Triangular Number (perfect square testing – double to int)"Triangle Number",
2900CLCS Check if Triangular Number (perfect square testing – using rounded sqrt)"Triangle Number",
2897CLCS Check if Triangular Number (perfect square testing – without sqrt)"Triangle Number",
2892CLCS Check if Triangular Number (successive summation method)"Triangle Number",
2888CLCS Check if Perfect Square (double to int conversion method)"perfect square finding","double to int implicit conversion"
2884CLCS Check if Perfect Square
2874CLCS Finding LCM/SCM of two integer numbers"Finding least Common multiple", "Finding smalles common multiple","Leaast Common Multiple","Smalles Common Multiple",LCM,SCM
2871CLCS Finding GCD/HCF of two integer numbers"Finding Greatest Common Divisor", "Finding Highest Common Factor","Greatest Common Factor","Greatest Common Measure",GCM,HCF,GCD,GCF
2864CLCS Series of triangular numbers"Triangular numbers","Triangular series","Balls making equilateral triangle"
2860SP Triangular Number series using the Flyod’s triangle method"Triangular Number","Triangle of Flyod",
2856CLCS Printing the Flyod’s Triangle"Triangle of Flyod","Triangular Number"
2854CLCS Upright right half triangle of alphabets (row-wise increasing)"triangle of alphabets","pyramid of alphabets","Half pyramid of alphabets"
2848SP Proving palindrome array"Integer array palindrome","Check palindrome in integer array"
2840SP Find presence of a character in a null terminated string."find presence of character in string","find character","find a character"
2814CLCS Upright right half triangle of alphabets (column-wise increasing)
2809CLCS Upright right half triangle of numbers"right half pyramid","Pyramid Printing","Triangle printing",Triangle Output"
2804CLCS Inverted triangle with user given character"downward pyramid"
2799CLCS Effect of partial or no intialisation of structure instance variables"Instance initialisation","Object Initialisation","Structure","Structure object initialisation","Default values in initialisation","Default values in initialization"
2795CLCS Initialising structure variables while creating instancesCP027."Structure variables initilisation","Structure initialization"
2791SP Ternary operator within cout chain for selective printing"ternary operator","ternary in cout chain"
2781SP Collect student details to structure and update selectively
2777CLCS Creating global instances or objects of structures"struct global instances","global objects in structure"
2767CLCS Structures demo program with int and char arrayconglomerate,"structure template","Struct template"
2757SP Setting bigger of two values using function returning reference"reference returning from function","reference passing to function"
2754CLCS Using function return by reference to modify a global array"function returning reference to array indexes","reference to array index"
2749CLCS Function returning by reference"return by reference","Function returning by reference"
2742SP Correcting error in function call by reference"variable as address location","Passing constant to function"
2737CLCS Changing multiple values of integer array passed to a function"array modifications", "array change in function"
2733CLCS Passing integer array to a function for linear search"Linear search", "Linear search in Integer array","Search in Integer Array"
2717SP Counting words in a text input even if it is not well formedCP019,"find words in a sentence","Word count in string"
2706CLCS Passing null terminated string to function using pointer notation"null-terminated string","pointer notation","pass by reference","passing string"
2701CLCS Passing null terminated string to function using array notation"null-terminated string","array notation","pass by reference","passing string"
2746SP Output writing function within function with array passing
2697SP Array to array data
2689CLCS Global and Local Function Declaration
2685CLCS Variable swapping using function call by referenceswapping, interchange, "Swapping by call by reference", "Interchange by call by reference"
2680CLCS Function Call by Reference and Call by Value comparison
2677SP Output Writing – isupper(), islower, isalpha()
2673SP Character replacements in a string
2666SP Trailing default parameters check
2661SP Simple Interest function with default parameter values.
2659SP Output writing – passing string as char pointer
2656SP Char array passing to function
2652SP output writing, pass by ref/pass by value
2649SP output writing example strcpy, strcat
2647CLCS Call by reference demonstration
2632SP Word count assuming well formed sentence"count number of words", "number of words"
2628SP Removing vowels from string"vowel removal program", "string without vowels", "Switch case for vowel removal"
2625SP Change case of string input
2621CLCS Reversing a null terminated string"string reverse", "reverse a string", "Reversing a string","String Reversal"
2614SP count number of spaces in a given sentenceCP019,"count of space in string", "Frequency of space","Occurrence of space"
2611CLCS strcpy() and strcat() use in null terminated strings
2606CLCS gets() puts() string functions use and misuse
2601SP First word of sentence (by creating another null terminated string)
2594SP First word of sentence (by individual character printing)
2577SP Comparing two names for sort order
2571CLCS Comparing two strings for exact character wise match or for sort order using strcmp()string comparison, strcmp(), "int strcmp(const char * str1, const char * str2 )",
2565CLCS Comparing length of two strings entered by the user
2560CLCS Getting string input from user using cin.getline
2556CLCS Finding string length using the strlen() functionstring length finding, string length computation, string.h, cstring
2551CLCS Finding string length using the null finding techniquestring length finding, string length computation, null character check,
2545CLCS String declaration and initialisationstring, c style string, string declaration, string initialisation, string initialization, initialisation, initialization, string as character arrays,
2510CLCS Collecting array entries and displaying it like its formal representation
2506CLCS Reversing an array
2502CLCS Finding count of members in a linear array
2497CLCS Swapping two variables without using third variable.
2493CLCS Swapping two variables using temporary third variable.
2487SP Average of temperature values stored in array
2482CLCS upright triangle with user given character
2470CLCS Pattern – Upright right half triangle of symbol
2464CLCS Pattern – Inverted right half triangle of symbol
2459CLCS Simple descending order series
2449CLCS Multiple return paths in isPrime() function for prime number series
2443SP Printing and summing series 1/n! form.
2438SP Sum of geometric series x+x^2/2+..+x^n/n
2434CLCS Simple Geometric series 1+x+x^2+..+x^n
2429CLCS Prime number series
2422SP Series with continuously modified gaps
2420SP Series observation, building expression and then printing given terms
2418SP Odd number series beginning a given number and given term count
2413SP Two previous terms addition series (like Fibonacci) from another number.
2409CLCS Fibonacci series from 0 (Fixed first two terms)
2404CLCS Fibonacci series from 0 (All terms using loop)
2392CLCS Fibonacci series from 1 (All terms using loop)
2386SP Simple interest program with function.
2382CLCS Factorial table printing with number and its factorial
2375CLCS Function in function calls using salary preparation example
2371SP Switch case with fall through example.
2367CLCS Series based on x^2+x+1
2364CLCS Series building concept with different term expression builder and term counter
2353CLCS Square terms series
2346SP Output writing – loop with unary operators in cout chain
2342SP Identify errors in the variable names
2336SP Identify errors in fractional constants
2331SP Average of three integer numbers, double output
2325SP Search in 2D Array
2321SP Output of a ternary operator operation
2318CLCS Age based discount using ternary operator
2314SP Assignment, equality comparison problem
2310CLCS Input as char data and outputting as int data.
2307SP Converting input char to int and print ascii
2303SP Print formatting using \t and \n escape sequences
2288CLCS Using some popular escape sequence characters.
2284SP Output writing – If else – leap check incorrect way.
2263CLCS Function polymorphism/overloading based on parameter data type
2258CLCS Function polymorphism/overloading based on parameter count
2255CLCS Using constant argument/parameter in a function
2250CLCS Setting default parameters in function definition
2243CLCS Setting default parameters in function prototype
2229SP Product of single 2D matrix members
2218SP Repeating a character using loop
2214CLCS Repeated display function without any returned value – void type
2189CLCS Sum of digits program using a function
2182CLCS Area, circumference of circle using two functions
2179CLCS Function with single parameter to evaluate an expression
2175CLCS getline() and write() functions of stream I/O
2173SP Count punctuation in user given text stream (using getline)
2167SP Count punctuation in user given text stream (using get)
2160CLCS get() put() functions of stream I/O
2157SP Print next alphabet if possible
2155CLCS getchar() putchar() : C-Style character level console I/O functions
2150CLCS Check character group as alpha, digit, control, punctuation, lower, upper etc.
2147CLCS Uppercase/lowercase and vice-versa conversion of alphabets
2145CLCS modf() – Function to separate integer and fraction part
2143CLCS fmod( ) – Modulus function for fractions
2137CLCS Absolute value functions abs() fabs()fabs, fabs(), abs, abs(), math functions
2135CLCS Maths – Rounding and related Functions
2130CLCS Basic Trigonometric functions
2127CLCS Math functions – sqrt/ pow/ log/ log10
2122CLCS Integer data limits checking
2119CLCS Extracting and printing the first and last digit of a number
2115CLCS Reverse printing a number using a loop
2106CLCS Sum of digits of a numberCP014,"Adding Digits","Number Digits Addition"
2104CLCS Extracting digits of a number
2094SP Numbers divisible by 2 or by 3
2092CLCS Scope of variables declared inside loop
2088CLCS Odd number series using continue in the while loop
2085CLCS Odd number series using continue in the for loop
2078CLCS Empty code block in a for loop
2073CLCS Sum of sales using break in for loop
2071CLCS Sum of sales using break in while loop
2064CLCS Redo of program activity using a do-while loop
2061CLCS Continuous sum using do-while exit on 0 input
2059CLCS Calculator using the switch case
2056CLCS Finding odd even number using a switch case
2053SP Powering a number using a loop
2049SP Square and square root of numbers in a range
2047SP Secret code with alphabet divisible by five
2045SP Printable ascii codes
2042CLCS Factorial program with limit checking and digit series printing
2038CLCS Print till Z with while loop boundary crossing
2034CLCS Print till Z with loop count calculation
2031SP Output writing – double increment in loop
2016SP Print all divisors and count of divisors
2014SP Output writing – If-else with post/pre increment
2012SP Even odd test
2008SP Leap year finding
2005SP Sum of natural numbers up to a value given by the user.
2003CLCS Multiple initialisation and multiple step instructions in for loop
1999CLCS Odd number series with divisibility test – for loop
1997CLCS Odd number series with double step counter – for loop
1995CLCS For and while loop comparison
1992CLCS Print table of an integer number
1989CLCS Sum of natural numbers within a range – while loop
1986CLCS Sum of natural numbers within a range – for loop
1982CLCS Repeating a message with for loop
1978CLCS Menu creation using switch-case
1975CLCS Finding quarter of the year based on month – switch case
1973CLCS Checking if character entered is a vowel – switch-case
1968CLCS Finding the day by days of week number – if else
1963CLCS Finding the day by days of week number – switch case
1959CLCS Userid, password match with dangling else issue
1956CLCS Userid-password match with common mismatch message
1953CLCS Userid and password verification – nested if
1950CLCS Body temperature diagnosis and diversion – Multiple if and if ladder
1947CLCS Multiple if conditions
1945CLCS Territory-wise volume based sales commission – nested if
1937CLCS Age and gender discount – Nested if condition
1931CLCS Check character entry as digit, uppercase, lowercase, special
1929CLCS Electricity Bill – if-else-if – successive slab-wise rates
1924CLCS Marks Based Division
1922CLCS Volume purchase discount – multiple levels
1920CLCS Teens party – empty if statement
1917CLCS If Else If – Age of Friend problem bettered
1914CLCS If Else If – Simple If Ladder
1895CLCS Print square of a 2D array in row-column format
1893CLCS Sum of each row and row addition of 2D array
1891CLCS Sum of each row and all members of 2D array
1889CLCS Sum of all members of 2D array
1887CLCS Displaying a 2D Array
1880CLCS Comparing age of two friends of different age
1878CLCS Applying Discounts – Only 1 Volume Slab
1876CLCS Check for alphabet – “Is an alphabet” as True Condition
1874CLCS Check for alphabet – “Not an alphabet” as True Condition
1872CLCS Stock Finished Check – If Else
1865CLCS Checking for Digit using if else
1863CLCS Weather Check – Multiple Instruction in If Scope
1861CLCS Making a number absolute using If
1859CLCS Check for non zero input value
1854CLCS Simple If – Senior Citizen Test
1851CLCS Finding the paint quantity for door painting
1849CLCS Finding bricks required to build a wall
1847CLCS Salary Calculation
1845CLCS Temperature conversion c2f and f2c
1843CLCS Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion
1828CLCS Finding area and circumference of a circle
1826CLCS Simple interest and amount formulation
1824CLCS Formulas with powers and roots
1822CLCS Building speed formula for different units of measurement
1820CLCS Simple expression forming
1787CLCS Area of Triangle using base and height
1784CLCS Operator precedence with value change within expression
1782SP Checking for valid Identifiers
1778SP Finding Identifiers and Literals
1756SP Increment, Decrement Composite Operators Problem 1
1752CLCS Simple case of precedence
1750CLCS sizeof operator
1747CLCS Typecasting while outputting
1745CLCS Typecasting operator
1743CLCS Bitwise operatorsCP005,"Bitwise and","Bitwise OR"
1741CLCS Comma as operator
1739CLCS Operators for logical use
1736CLCS Operators for comparison
1734CLCS Operators for assignment
1728CLCS Operators based on operand count
1726CLCS Anomaly of successive use of cin for char arrays
1721CLCS Trying to input a string using cin
1719CLCS Input of different data types using cin
1717CLCS Multiple integer entries with extraction operator chaining
1715CLCS Multiple integer inputs without extraction chaining
1712CLCS Simple user input in integer form
1635CLCS Matrix addition 2D with pre-initialised values
1632SP Linear search function for search term presence and location
1630CLCS Linear search in array for search term presence and location
1628CLCS Linear search using array reference passing to function
1623CLCS Char array variations
1618CLCS Student Marks 3 Subjects 2D Array
1610CLCS Largest number in integer array
1593CLCS Preparing basic arrays
1587CLCS Check for prime number (1 and n exclusion technique)
1584CLCS All factors (divisors) of a number
1582CLCS Check for perfect number
1579CLCS Reversing an integer
1575CLCS Check if number is a palindromeCP018,"number, palindrome",Palindrom number","Number reversal","Same number when reversed"
1573CLCS Armstrong number n digit
1566SP Armstrong numbers between 1 to 999
1563SP Displaying multiple String Literals
1553SP Palindrome numbers between 1 to 1000
1539CLCS Checking for Armstrong Number (3 Digit)
1426CLCS Finding Size of CPP Data Types
1395CLCS Check if string is a palindrome using a function.
1385CLCS String Copy using for loop
1243CLCS Commenting Code
1241CLCS Displaying Multiple String Literals
1239CLCS Hello World (Variation without global namespace)
1237CLCS Hello World (Variation for Older Compilers)
1235CLCS Hello World