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Q&A CBSE12A-2019-C07E #7083


Jonathan and Jonathan Training Institute is planning to set up its centre in Amritsar with four specialised blocks for Medicine, Management, Law courses alongwith an Admission block in separate buildings. The physical distances between these blocks and the number of computers to be installed in these blocks are given below. You as a network expert have to answer the queries as raised by their board of directors as given in (i)to (iv).

Admin Block to Management Block 60
Admin Block to Medicine Block 40
Admin Block to Law Block 60
Management Block to Medicine Block 50
Management Block to Law Block 110
Law Block to Medicine Block 40

Number of Computers installed at various locations are as follows:

Admin Block 150
Management Block 70
Medicine Block 20
Law Block 50


(i) Suggest the most suitable location to install the main server of this institution to get efficient connectivity.
(ii) Suggest the devices to be installed in each of these buildings for connecting computers installed within the building out of the following:

  • Modem
  • Switch
  • Gateway
  • Router

(iii) Suggest by drawing the best cable layout for effective network connectivity of the blocks having server with all the other blocks.

(iv) Suggest the most suitable wired medium for efficiently connecting each computer installled in every building out of the following network cables:

  • Co-axial Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Single Pair Telephone Cable