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Problem Statement - Average of three integers to float output

Write a java program to calculate the average of three fixed integers 10,15 and 18 . The output can be a fractional floating point value.



TC++ #3716

Run Output

Average of 10, 15, 18 = 14.333333

int a=10,b=15,c=18; //Three fixed values have been initialised in integer variables a,b,c

float avg=(a+b+c)/3.0f;
Since the output can be a floating point value so avg has been declared as a float value. In the expression denominator has been taken as 3.0f so that floating point based calculation occurs. a+b+c has been put in brackets so that summation occurs before division.

System.out.println(“Average of “+a+”, “+b+”, “+c+” = “+avg);
The average is neatly printed.


  • In java fractional division calculation of integers can achieved by converting either of numerator or denominator into a float or double value as the case may be. In this example following alternate expression using typecasting of numerator to float would have also worked.
    float avg=(float) (a+b+c)/3;
    Here the denominator remains an integer while numerator becomes a float value.

Common Errors

  • Proper use of brackets and type of numerator or denominator is essential to get correct value in this problem.


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