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Null Literal

Use of a special case of using null as a literal for nullifying a reference.

Learning Objectives

  • Nullifying a reference so that it relieves memory.

Source Code

TC++ #3814

Source Code

Run Output

at NullLiteral.main(

Code Understanding

Note: This code will give runtime error in it has been purposefully written so to show how null literal works.

void show() { System.out.println(“This will print only if object is not null referenced”); }
This method has been created to demonstrate the effect of nullifying an object reference

NullLiteral ob=new NullLiteral();
An object reference variable ob has been created here;

null literal has been assigned to object reference variable. This means that the reference place memory has been cleared.;
This line will give null pointer exception, as the ob reference has been nullified.

int a[]={1,2};
Here an array reference has been created as variable a.

Array reference a has been assigned the null literal.

This line will also give null pointer exception if the previous exception line is commented.


  • Sometimes people take null as a keyword. It is just a reserved word like true and false. All these reserved words are used as literals only.

Common Errors

  • The null literal assignment can not be done on primitive datatypes.

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