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Understanding boolean data type

The java boolean data type declaration and its features.

Learning Objectives

  • Declaration and initialisation of boolean type.
  • Non-convertibility of boolean type to other types.

Source Code

TC++ #3850

Source Code

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Code Understanding

boolean b=true;
Here we declare boolean data type b which is assigned a true status. true in java is just a reserved word to be used as boolean literal. The opposite of this is false.

//int x=b;
This line has been commented. If we un-comment this the code will not run as boolean type can not be converted to other type

if(b) System.out.println(b);
The boolean type can be directly checked in if conditions without using any comparison operator.

if(b==true) System.out.println(b);
However the use of comparison operator with boolean type is also allowed.


Suggested Filename(s): BooleanType.java


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