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: ome Commonly asked Function/Objects Vs. header files (CBSE 12th Exam)
Concept Notes and Resources

An introduction presentation about JAVA as a programming language, its evolution and its primary concepts.

Let us understand few points about C++ as a programming language.

Options for C++ development either on a desktop/laptop or directly on the internet. are explained here.

Various tokens or basic building blocks defined in c++ are explained here.

Concept of keywords in a language and keywords as per c++11 standard are explained here.

Identifiers can be names given by the user/programmer or names other than keywords in the library files.

This video explains the types of c++ operators based on number operands and purpose.

Some rules related to C++ identifiers are as follows: Can be arbitrarily long alpha numeric (letters and numbers) sequence. The first character must be a letter. As an exception _ (underscore) is considered as a letter. Upper and lower case letters considered different All characters in the name are considered significant. C++ Keywords can not […]

There are many built-in functions in C++ which can be used by a programmer as needed. To allow a build-in function or usage of some pre-fixed declarations C++ provides a concept of header files. Header file primarily contains the function prototypes of built-in functions so that its type checking can be performed and related library […]

As C++ follows the Object Oriented Programming paradigm, it does implement the concepts of Abstraction and Encapsulation. These are interrelated concepts. First let us define them. Abstraction Abstraction is a concept where we talk about showing only the necessary part to the outside world and hide the details of implementation. Abstraction can be done for […]

Enumeration is basically a way to represent a possible list of number values for a variable in friendly names or symbol forms. For e.g. if  you have to represent rainbow colours with 0 to 6 you can always write them more meaningfully as enum rainbow { RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET }; This […]

As the name signifies, pre-processor directives are instructions given to compiler which it has to run before main code compilation will begin. You must be frequently seeing #include as the top of most C++ program codes. It is nothing but a pre-processor directive to tell compiler that definitions of certain classes, function and objects have […]

Let us begin with understanding of the word polymorphism. The word has a greek origin from words polus/polloi and morphe. ‘Poly’ means ‘many’ and ‘Morph’ means forms. So when any entity has many forms according to its context of use, we may call it polymorphism. This nomenclature is frequently used in biological studies. For e.g. […]

Life is continued journey for one big reason that living beings are able to create new creatures of their own types by passing many attributes of them. This is called Inheritance.   Since Object Oriented Languages boast of modelling the real life and real problems, so they need to implement this feature called inheritance. Infacts […]

Salient Features: SIMPLE AS BASIC: Python is a sort of modern day BASIC language. BEGINNER TO ADVANCED: It is right for beginners and it is truly all purpose in modern times. Language for console applications, GUI applications, scientific applications and web applications. INTERPRETED: It is an interpreted language. This means that line by line error […]

Copy constructor is often quite confusing even for the geeks. Consider a situation of scores of many participants in a game to be initialized to same values but to be kept at different locations. In this case the moment we initialize score of one participant we would like that other participants are simply created based […]

Exception is a type of runtime error while execution of program which user can possibly handle (catch) and report with a suitable message or take some other planned action.   for e.g. divide by zero (Arithmetic exceptions), array out of bound (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException), file not found (FileNotFoundException)   Exception can be handled by using the try […]

Practice Problem

Some good examples to practice short answer questions on operators in c++ ...


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