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CPP All : Multiple-Nested-Ladder of If Else
Concept Learning Code Sheets

If Else If – Simple If Ladder #1914

Simple if-else-if in a ladder style comparison

If Else If – Age of Friend problem bettered #1917

Simple if-else-if in a ladder style comparison to resolve age of friends problem which was not able to compare two friends with equal age.

Volume purchase discount – multiple levels #1922

Calculating volume discounts on purchase quantity volumes based on multiple levels of quantity slabs.

Marks Based Division #1924

Finding division of a student based on marks using if-else-if ladder

Electricity Bill – if-else-if – successive slab-wise rates #1929

Classic case of successive slab wise rates calculation for electricity bill generation solved using if-else-if and slab rate formulas.

Check character entry as digit, uppercase, lowercase, special #1931

Finding if the character entered by the user is a digit, upper case alphabet, lower case alphabet or other special character using if-else-if ladder.

Age and gender discount – Nested if condition #1937

Solving for more than one if conditions using nested if for conditions on age and gender of person

Territory-wise volume based sales commission – nested if #1945

Finding the volume based sales commissions based on multiple territories using the nesting of if conditions

Multiple if conditions #1947

Using multiple if conditions which are often redundant in nature.

Body temperature diagnosis and diversion – Multiple if and if ladder #1950

Handling of patients diversion to doctors based on there body temperatures using multiple if and if ladder.

Userid and password verification – nested if #1953

Learning to verrify user id and password using nested if selection

Userid, password match with dangling else issue #1959

Userid and password matching with nested if and the dangling else issues.

Dangling else Problem in Leap Year Calculation #2284

Understanding dangling else problem in a typical leap year calculation situation.

Solved Problems

Leap year finding #2008

Write a c++ program to take the value of a four digit year from the user and

Write a c++ program to take the value of a four digit year from the user and then print whether the given year is a leap year or not.

Largest of three numbers using if else ladder #2946

Write a c++ program to find the largest of three numbers using the if-else se

Write a c++ program to find the largest of three numbers using the if-else selection ladder. Please do report with an appropriate message if two large numbers or all numbers are same.

Code Sheets:13  Solved Problems:2 
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