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Printing Ascii Codes as Characters Alphabets & Digits

Printing uppercase alphabets, lowercase alphabets, digits by printing them as characters typecasted from its integer form ascii values.

Source Code


Run Output

-- Uppercase characters with their ASCII codes --
A=65 B=66 C=67 D=68 E=69 F=70 G=71 H=72 I=73 J=74 K=75 L=76 M=77 N=78 O=79 P=80 Q=81 R=82 S=83 T=84 U=85 V=86 W=87 X=88 Y=89 Z=90
-- Lowercase characters with their ASCII codes --
a=97 b=98 c=99 d=100 e=101 f=102 g=103 h=104 i=105 j=106 k=107 l=108 m=109 n=110 o=111 p=112 q=113 r=114 s=115 t=116 u=117 v=118 w=119 x=120 y=121 z=122
-- Digits 0 to 9 with their ASCII codes --
0=48 1=49 2=50 3=51 4=52 5=53 6=54 7=55 8=56 9=57