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Question Typewise Collection-"Comparisons" Questions - Exam Papers (CPP) siteicon No. of Q.10
Q.1   Exam - CBSE12D-2017/C07A/2

Differentiate between Radio Link and Microwave in context of wireless communication technologies.

Q.2   Exam - CBSE12A-2015/C07C/1

Differentiate between packet switching over message switching?

Q.3   Exam - CBSE12A-2017/C07A/2

Differentiate between communication using Optical Fiber and Ethernet Cable in context of wired medium of communication technologies.

Q.4   Exam - CBSE12A-2016/C07E/1

What is the basic difference between Computer Worm and Trojan Horse?

Q.5   Exam - CBSE12A-2016/C07C/1

Write two advantages of 3G over 2G Mobile Telecommunication Technologies in terms of speed and services?

Q.6   Exam - CBSE12A-2016/C07A/1

Differentiate between PAN and LAN types of networks.

Q.7   Exam - CBSE12A-2018/C07A/2

Differentiate between Bus Topology and Star Topology of Networks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Star Topology over Bus Topology?

How is global object different from a local object?

What is the difference between public member and private member of a class.

Write the main differences between structure and array